A good video from CBS News that looks at how the business is thriving in California.  In Oakland, everyone is happy to pay tax on legal marijuana and it imagecould raise over a billion dollars in revenue for the State of California.  In watching the video, it is interesting to see the inside of one shop with everything from drinks to food to ingest your prescription for marijuana.  

There’s even an iPhone application you can buy to find the locations of legal dispensaries.  With some of the side effects for some of the other drugs coming to surface, it certainly is making pot look much less sinister these days. 

Big Marijuana Tax Widely Approved – Supporters Pleased in Oakland

You do need to bring a “pot card” with your that shows are are a registered user in California.  BD 

It's estimated that 14 Billion dollars worth of marijuana is sold illegally in the state of California. However, making it legal would bring in approximately 1.4 billion dollars a year. John Blackstone reports.

Medical Marijuana Debacle - CBS News Video

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