As we keep seeing and living the rising cost of healthcare, other countries are wanting to cater to American Health Tourism patients, if you can’t have it done in the US and if money’s an issue, talk to us seems to be the message coming across from many countries.  In a related article, Cuba would also like to enter into the imageAmerican Health Tourism business.  Cuba has offered health tourism since 1989 and it is coordinated through the Cubanacan Tourism and Health Department, which is owned by the state and uses a network of hospitals, drugstores, spas and other facilities and has international clinics all over the country.  I guess Michael Moore was successful in helping break down some barriers here as I still remember the scenes from Sicko.

Over in Costa Rica it seems like they have some money to lend whether or not you travel there or have a procedure done in the US.  Cuba and Costa Rica are a lot closer than going half way across the globe.  Again I go back to this conference I attended in Los Angeles last year, the World Medical Tourism Conference and I learned a lot.  I went to conduct an interview and hung around and educated myself on what was happening outside of the US in healthcare.  On the Costa Rica tourism page I found this interesting to see their ranking with the World Health Organization as being #36 and noted that the US is #37 overall. 

World Medical Tourism Conference 2009 – A Learning Awareness

At the show even Continental Airlines had a booth there to let everyone know they are ready to book your flight to get you there.  I learned a lot about medicine in Israel at the convention too and met many nice people from all over the world and again, tried to take in all the information I could to be aware.  On the financing I do have to say I wonder if any American banks might be lending sources, just something that popped into my head and I could be off base with that one.  BD 

From the website – financing information 

“Medical financing for cosmetic, plastic, laser, dental, gastric, bypass and infertility surgery procedures are very commonplace as the demand for surgery rises each year. Applying for a loan is as easy as filling out an application form online or calling in. Loan applications take less than half an hour to process and once approved, the funds go directly to your medical provider.

Working with a number of lenders, we offer a variety of affordable financing programs through your doctors office with flexible payment options and low monthly payments. With available loan amounts from $1000 to $25,000 we have a loan program for every budget, even for those with less than perfect credit.

  • Rates starting as low as 9.99%.
  • Promotions such as Fixed Interest Rates, Deferred Interest, and Fixed Low Monthly Payments.
  • No Prepayment Penalty
  • Bad credit financing available with Co-Signer.
  • Easy Application form with quick approval decisions.

We offer loans with interest rates from as low as 9.99% APR and Interest up to 12 months. Depending on your credit history, we will be able to offer a customized and affordable payment plan to fit within your budget as low as $75. Fixed interest rates can also be offered up to 48 months.”

Press Release:

Lake Geneva, WI and Alajuela, Costa Rica (PRWEB) February 9, 2010 -- Costa Rican Medical Care (CRMC), a medical tourism company specializing in Costa Rica medical providers, can now help patients finance their medical care.

“Costa Rican Medical Care is proud to announce that we have put together a group of lenders that are willing to provide financing for medical procedures done in the U.S., Costa Rica or anywhere”, said CRMC President Tim Morales. “You cannot plan for a medical emergency and sometimes you may forget that you have a deductible to meet. Other people would like to get a procedure done and haven’t saved up enough to cover the complete cost. But CRMC can help you determine whether you qualify for a medical loan.” 

“We met with many of our medical providers in Costa Rica last month and they were very excited about offering financing options because they have also received many requests from patients for this service. We are already receiving referrals from them.”

A recent report on Medical Tourism by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions said that an estimated 1.6 million Americans will travel abroad for medical care by 2012. Americans looking to save 30% to 70% on Bariatric surgery, dental, cosmetic surgery, hip or knee replacements and other medical procedures should look no further than Costa Rica.

Beautiful Costa Rica is only 2 ½ hours from Miami, 3 hours from Dallas and flights are very inexpensive. Do you really want to get on plane and travel for 12 to 18 hours halfway around the world, when you can just go to Costa Rica for the same procedures? What if you have to go back in a few months?”

Costa Rican Medical Care will be showcasing their services at the First Latin America Global Medicine & Wellness Congress in San Jose, Costa Rica April 26-28, 2010. If you would like more information on working with, sponsoring or attending the conference, please contact Tim Morales at Costa Rican Medical Care at 262-348-1300 or visit

Costa Rican Medical Care Offers Medical Financing


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