The long wait is over and perhaps a focus from all areas will make this stick.  She was right in the fact that it is us, the adults that put so much of this in front of kids, imagebut we put in front of ourselves too, so role model time.  I think most of us have battled with that 5-30 pounds here and there, but obesity is way above this struggle.  I consider that normal to vary a bit and get a “little” off track as almost all of us have done that.

Why Was Michelle Obama 'embarrassed' by The Standing Ovation As Obesity Program for Children Was Announced

I made the above post right after the State of the Union address as it somewhat made sense to me, there were quite a few beyond the 5-30 overweight size right in the House, so maybe addressing and mentioning the program with a number of adults who are pretty portly in size was the wrong time to bring this up (grin).

How can someone who is over weight grossly be an example and tell the kids not to do the same?  At any rate this is a good start and hopefully it will move along from here, at least we have established a focus with “participants” this time and not just the usual “Magpies” we hear talking all the time that have little if no involvement themselves.  BD 

Do You Know What Your Doctor Is Talking About – Read up and help stamp out “Magpie Healthcare”


It wasn't always this way. In fact, obesity rates for kids have tripled over the last three decades, according to a widely circulated report that appeared in the Academic Pediatrics journal late last summer. Moreover, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and nonpartisan government surveys say that one out of every three children in America is overweight or obese. Think about that: One in three.

Michelle Obama's war on childhood obesity -


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