The pilot program sounds like it is making some inroads, perhaps a little more successful than some of the other news stories we hear.  The numbers sound good with getting freshman involved before arriving on campus and with half using the program to exchange information with the health center.

The project now is to customize so an interface that is geared for student use is available.  BD 

Press Release:

Fort Wayne, Ind. – February 4, 2010 – Building on the success of recent student personal health record adoption rates at Indiana University’s Bloomington campus, today announced a strategic alliance with the university. The two organizations are collaborating to develop additional personal health modules in an effort to improve student health and wellness at IU, and to market healthcare IT solutions to other colleges and universities.image

As part of the expanded partnership, the NoMoreClipboard PHR will be offered to students at additional IU campuses, as well as traveling student athletes.  The university is also working with NoMoreClipboard to develop a college health platform that will appeal to the education market and help NoMoreClipboard promote the IU success story to other colleges and universities.  

“Students not only embrace information technology, they expect to conduct business online and have trouble understanding why a health clinic would still capture patient information on paper forms,” said Peter Grogg, associate director at the Indiana University Health Center. “Through our alliance with NoMoreClipboard, we are working on a college health platform that includes functionality designed to appeal to college health professionals and the student populations they serve.”

IU was one of the first universities in the U.S. to offer a robust PHR solution to students.  The online PHR was piloted in February of 2009, and incoming students in the 2009/10 class were encouraged to create a PHR account over the summer. Forty percent of the 2009 freshman class created a PHR prior to arriving on campus, and more than half of those students have since used the PHR to exchange information with the health center.

“The PHR adoption rate at Indiana University clearly demonstrates that college students are ready and willing to manage their health online,” said NoMoreClipboard chief marketing officer Jeff Donnell. “Our collaboration is already bearing fruit. Working with the IU health center and Hamid Ekbia, associate professor at the IU School of Library and Information Science, we are refining our user interface based on input from IU students.”

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