An informed consent is what you sign to begin participation in a trial.  This goes over your rights and gives you the benefits and risks of a trial.  As Dan says, 25 pages imageor longer can be required.  

Next Dan goes over the 3 most important areas in the video below.  Institutional review board is a number where you can communicate and a 24 hour emergency line is provided, aka the IRB. 

Clinical trials under the rights portion informs you that it is not truly medical treatment, but rather a trial to collect data and also informs the participant that there are other choices outside a trial for treatment, in other words the legal side covered.  This is one good reason to have a PHR handy when signing up for a study.  BD 

The informed consent is the most important document that a study volunteer will ever sign while participating in a clinical trial. These forms may be somewhat intimidating and could be up to 30 or more pages. Don’t let that scare you or frustrate you! I have broken down these consent forms and found that they ALL have 3 common characteristics, regardless of the trial.
1.) What the study is all about
2.) Contact Info for Study Staff and Ethics Committees
3.) Your Rights

3 Basic Characteristics That ALL Informed Consents Will Have in Clinical Trials « The Clinical Trials Guru


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