Here’s some additional clips from “The Vanishing Oath”.   Here’s my first post from last week in case you missed it and there’s an additional film clip talking to a imagedoctor who is just out of residency for a few years and the stress levels, as well as working part time at Blockbuster so she herself can have health insurance.  

The first clip talks about the legal aspects of what happens on the other side when the patient sues.  First off a short discussion with the “on television” advertising attorney, then we flip over to listen to the doctor who was sued.  His case was filed 3 years after the event, then 3 years of depositions.  A diagnosis was missed and this is one of 3 doctors in the case and there were 3 other specialists involved.  Court case went 3 weeks when the office was closed down and no income or patients during that time.  What is interesting is to hear the mal practice attorney himself admit that the whole legal system with malpractice is greatly exaggerated. 

There’s also a short clip about a pediatrician speaks a little bit about how the current system about the intangible costs like lost sleep and causes him to question himself at times with the current broken system. 

Dr. Wes a blogging cardiologist actually set up a screening for the movie and below is his video recount and comments, a couple from consumers and one from a doctor who attended.  Everyone admits to the same tone, the consumers have no clue what goes on behind the scenes.   Dr. Wes recommends the video to anyone thinking about going into the medical profession so your eyes are wide open going in as things are very different today compared to days of years past.  BD

“We all know the focus is to save money, but at what cost, the relationships that we enjoy as people, especially important when we need healing and depend on our doctors to help us.  Granted we have a lot more information online today and should take advantage as patients to be better informed, but what may patients may not see or realize is the push on the other side that affects the doctors in all of this.   



The Vanishing Oath from CrashCart Productions

You can also buy the film on Amazon for $21.99 or use your PayPal account to purchase. 

The Medical Quack: “The Vanishing Oath” – Documentary About the Diminishing Doctor-Patient Relationships When the Environment Does Not Allow Doctors To Care


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