The FDA stated this is not a replacement for a full workstation but can be used imagewhen mobility is needed for patient care. As an example the physician can view and make a diagnosis at the bedside without having to leave the room and run back to a workstation.  The application is already available in 30 countries.  Mobile MIM has several services they offer to include server capabilities to connect to the hospital PACS system and operates both on Apple and PC systems.  It’s amazing as to what is being developed for the Ipad and recently a hospital in Israel is using a PC program to port applications to the Ipad which also brings imaging to the bedside.  We seem to have many choices out there developing quickly.  BD   

iPad Helping Hospital In Israel Treat Patients With Connecting via Chameleon to Run Their Windows Based Programs (Video)

A mobile medical-imaging application won approval from U.S. regulators imageto let doctors examine pictures from patient scans on Apple Inc.’s iPhone and iPad.

The technology, known as Mobile MIM, is the first portable- device application for common medical images cleared by the Food and Drug Administration, the agency said today in a statement. The uses are for computerized tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and positron imageemission tomography scans.

The application, made by closely held MIM Software Inc. in Cleveland, enables hospitals and doctors’ offices to send images to physicians’ mobile devices over a secure network. The software isn’t intended to replace full workstations, and should only be used when a doctor doesn’t have access to the larger equipment, the FDA said.

IPhone App for Doctors to View Medical Scans is First Cleared by U.S. FDA - Bloomberg


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    You will hardly get such powerful software application in any such computer platform of such category. Another important thing that should be mentioned here is iPad is not just a better technological experience but it is a target for applications from the normal desktops.

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