I thought this was worth a mention after reading an article in the New York Times imageabout an opinion piece ripping WebMD, but I had to agree with part of their advertising and how sometimes it runs together.  Readers Digest and Organized Wisdom will be working together with their formats to offer information that is easier to find and access. 

There’s a bit of a mention of the Medical Quack at OrganizedWisdom and small in part as I focus more on the business aspects and the technology side for both imageprofessional and consumers and don’t offer medical advice.  If you are looking for medical advice and dietary information they have the expert information on hand, but come back over here for FDA approvals, medical device information and some of the latest surgical procedures and healthcare devices hitting the market.  BD


NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 4, 2011) - OrganizedWisdom, an expert-driven platform for health and wellness, and Reader's Digest, the world's largest global editorial brand whose name is synonymous with "getting to the heart of the matter," today announced a partnership aimed at improving consumers' search for health information. Under the agreement, OrganizedWisdom will power a new search-driven, consumer-facing health program that will aggregate, organize and promote high-quality Web resources, medical journal articles, and other vetted health content shared online to give millions of people the right information at the right time.

"Our goal is to do everything we can to close the 'Online Health Gap' -- the scary space that exists between a doctor visit and the Internet, where people are left alone with an empty search box and millions of computer-generated results," explains Steven Krein, CEO of OrganizedWisdom. "By partnering with trusted content curators like Reader's Digest, we can help elevate the standard of care as we guide millions of people to discover valuable health information contributed by experts."

In addition to search, consumers will also be able to access the program's content at OrganizedWisdom.com and at the newly relaunched RD.com, now known as the Reader's Digest Version. The program will also consist of additional online and offline initiatives, including inserts in print editions of Reader's Digest and pamphlets distributed to up to 300,000 doctor waiting rooms. Multiplatform sponsorship opportunities enable health marketers to interact meaningfully with consumers at the most critical moment -- during their search for information.

"This is a year of tremendous growth and innovation for the Reader's Digest brand with a return to our roots as expert content curator and the launch of a range of new, digitally-driven products, ensuring that consumers can experience Reader's Digest however they choose," said Dan Lagani, President of Reader's Digest Media. "The partnership with OrganizedWisdom extends our ability to deliver trusted, time-saving insights beyond the Reader's Digest Version website and mobile platforms."

About RDA
The Reader's Digest Association, Inc. (RDA) is a global multi-brand media and marketing company that educates, entertains and connects audiences around the world. The company builds multi-platform communities based on branded content. With offices in 44 countries, it reaches a customer base of 130 million in 78 countries. It publishes 92 magazines, including 50 editions of Reader's Digest, the world's largest-circulation magazine, operates 78 branded websites and sells 40 million books, music and video products across the world each year. Further information about the company can be found at www.rda.com.

About OrganizedWisdom
OrganizedWisdom is on a mission to close the "Online Health Gap" and elevate the standard of care by inspiring all doctors and health experts to embrace the power of digital media and share their wisdom. The company aggregates, organizes, and promotes online wisdom shared across the Web by more than 5,000 vetted health and wellness experts. The company's investors include leading health, technology, and business minds: Esther Dyson, Roger Ehrenberg, Jason Finger, Linda Holliday, Jerry Levin, Jeff Stewart and SeventySix Capital. Learn more at organizedwisdom.com.

Reader's Digest Partners With OrganizedWisdom to Close the "Online Health Gap"


  1. Barbara, we are pleased to partner with Reader's Digest to close the 'Online Health Gap' and to help elevate the standard of care as we guide millions of people to discover valuable health information and wisdom shared by health experts and advocates. Thanks for your post.

    Warm regards,
    Julie Bohlen
    VP Professional Services, OrganizedWisdom