Bill Gales was the curator this year for the Long Beach Convention and when it was his turn to talk he addressed budgets and the need for better education.image

Bill Gates Serving as “Guest” Curator for the Annual TED Conference In March 2011

Also one of my favorites is returning Juan Enriquez who speaks about regenerative medicine and I’ll be looking for his talk as well as the videos from Wake Forest imagewhere they grow body parts, and there’s lots here already on that topic.  Back on track with today’s talk, Bill Gates said the accounting tricks were so bad that the folks at Enron wouldn’t have even tried this.  We have folks that don’t know mathematics, I think.  He stated many states are playing tricks with borrowing and using proceeds from tobacco sales to fund education.  He also mentioned that selling off state buildings is not going to get it.

We are not getting the brain power for the money spent.  Every year Mr. Gates addresses the dead ears at Congress on this topic and for the last 3 years I have covered each annual event at the Medical Quack.   He called for more transparency in accounting, which is a good thing.  Last year he also spoke to students at Berkeley on education and how to learn as much as you can, use the web to supplement and become people with a focus and education in more than one area, become the hybrids as those are the folks companies will be looking for. 

Bill Gates speaks at UC Berkeley Global Health, Education and Thoughts on Philanthropy

He has the funds but not enough to help all but the frustration I think is clearly heard here when he stated “isn’t anyone paying attention”, and I can agree with that as compared to other countries eating our lunch, we look lazy and maybe we are.  When I grew up the internet was not around but students today have it right at home and learning and reading is available at libraries too.  He uses California as an example. 

The sad truth I think is that nobody is really paying attention and in order to have money for schools, we need to alter some methodologies, just like what’s happening in healthcare but that’s also a horse of a different color and he states healthcare will grow in expense due to technology offerings. 


Bill Gates outlined that we need the following 3 items now.  We can figure #3 on our own pretty well. 

Tools to educate ourselves-the internet.

Clear and honest accounting –Accurate Algorithms not Those Driven for Desired Results as They May Not be the Same or Accurate


ABC also offered their coverage from yesterday.

Wonder if there are any states that would allow him to take a look at their budgets?  He’s the match and algorithms genius so if I were in that position of having the opportunity I would sure entertain it as we are not moving at any rapid speed at present. Education belongs to everyone too and with generation gaps of “non participants” how to do we bring this together, everyone needs to participate and we need role models for the youth.  I have been saying that for 2 years here with healthcare as leaders don’t share any of their successes with consumer software, programs and devices and we are stuck on “its for those guys over there” once again. 

He also addressed the US governors in Washington this week and you can read more and listen to the audio cast at the Gates Foundation here.    Here’s one of the slides below and the reading and math value is way down there when spending is compared to how we are doing.  We have to enter this race soon before other countries bury us in the dirt. 


Send IBM Watson to Congress to help them out in this process.  BD

IBM Watson Did Get a Chance to Go To Congress-Should be a Permanent Home For Greater Intelligence for Creating Laws

Speaking at the 2011 TED Conference (Technology, Education, Design), Gates sharply criticized states for the waste in American education.

"The guys at Enron never would have done this! I mean this is so blatant, so extreme that, is anybody paying attention to what these guys do?" Gates said.

The 55-year-old multi-billionaire has made it a mission to find the money to make schools and teachers better.

"State budgets are a critical topic because here's where we make the real tradeoffs," he said. "If we make the wrong choice education won't be funded the right way."

Gates said many states, in their efforts to close their budget deficits, are making the wrong choices, cutting education.

"The bottom line is we need to care about state budgets because they're critical for our kids and our future."

Bill Gates on Education: Microsoft Founder Says Schools Not Teaching and Teachers Getting Pay Raises - ABC News


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