As the article states it's a "bit in your face" way of bringing the campaign against breast cancer alive and well, and to educate younger women on the importance of a self breast exam..Rethink is a breast cancer charity and each picture carries a dedication ....BDimage

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian women are being asked to bare their breasts .Hundreds of women have already uploaded their images -- including at least 20 breast cancer survivors who have had visible   image

"This is a

Once women examine their breasts, they are being asked to take photos of their breasts -- whether fully clothed, in a bra or topless -- and upload those pictures to the Booby Wall at the Web site

DeCouteau said the wall is secure, anonymous and completely confidential, although participants can add their first name, comments or a dedication to a loved one lost to breast cancer.  She said the site will likely attract the online social networking generation, such as users of Facebook, but she isn't worried about peeping toms.

Cancer group asks women to be brazen online - Yahoo! News


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