Good article on the benefits of electronic records and a summary of where we stand today...much more work needed for the process...but getting there....some private physicians systems and those used at hospitals cannot communicate with each other yet..."If anything, these records are safer than paper charts because there's a record," ...I included a video from You Tube that gives a good picture on how the hospital facilities use them to review and evaluate a patients diagnosis and current can see the history here is invaluable...BD

When Harrington's rheumatoid arthritis flares up, she can call the doctor, Leah Lynch, and Lynch can pull up her records instantly, from office or home.
The advent of electronic medical records helps the 32-year-old North Fort Myers woman cope with the arthritis, which she's had since she was 19.
"If I am sick, she can access my records and see exactly what I'm taking," Harrington said. "It just keeps everything organized."

"They refused to integrate with my system," said Dr. Lee Adkins, a primary care doctor with Fort Myers Family Medicine, which has its own electronic medical records software. 

Smith said the federal government has to certify that different softwares are compatible. Policy makers are still sorting out whether hospitals violate federal laws that govern physician referrals, Smith said. And so far, it's been impossible to get different systems to align fully with each other, Smith said.


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