Follow the link below to watch the video...nice interview as Dr. Parkinson works with patients who do not have insurance and does everything with technology and uses "smart forms" via the web site...uses web cam visits with patients....and doesn't even have an office...he's mobile...we have posted a couple articles about him in the past, and on top of everything else, he's imageon the radio too.  He states the system is broken and wanted to do something to benefit patients...BD 

Bill Crounse, Microsoft’s Health Care Industry Director, interviewed Jay Parkinson, MD, who has started a new practice that services patients entirely through the Internet and house calls. Jay has no office of his own. He targets young urban professionals,  artists and freelancers within NYC. Most of these people are web savvy and uninsured.

Jay acts as a first line of defense for the health care industry to help guide patients towards a healthy resolution to what ails them. Jay often guides patients towards other providers within the health care system.

HealthDot @ ScribeMedia.Org » House Calls - Jay Parksinson

Dr. Parkinson's Web Site


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