Marriages being based on health insurance…related story here.  Some are financially able to pay for insurance but can’t get coverage due to restrictions on private policies, thus they turn toward employer health insurance that one partner has.  Retirement is also another issue where people are perhaps working longer and then there is the ERISA provisions to think about too.  Divorces are also being put on hold in some instances until insurance is obtained by both parties prior to the final day in court.  BD 

Anxious over being caught uninsured or paying sky-high premiums, some people -- especially those with health problems -- are going to great lengths to get or keep job-based health coverage. Wedding dates are being moved up to quickly get both husband and wife on a company plan. On the flip side, married couples are holding off on getting divorced so they will both stay on their existing plan. In some cases, those who are self-employed are going so far as to hire employees to qualify for group insurance.

Anxiety Over Health Insurance Shapes Life Choices -


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