Having a stroke, well bring on a stink bomb…well not exactly, but hydrogen sulphide is imagebeing tested with very small doses.  One single breath could kill, but in a very small dose it is being shown to protect against bleeding.  The technique has the potential of buying additional time for patients who have had heart attacks, strokes or wounds causing drastic lose of blood.  BD 

The gas that provides millions of schoolchildren with hours of fun and gives stink bombs their revolting smell could soon provide doctors with new treatments for conditions ranging from strokes to chronic arthritis. Some researchers are even trying to use hydrogen sulphide - the source of rotten eggs' unpleasant odor - to put patients with strokes or serious injuries into a form of suspended animation to help them survive severe traumas. This research is now being backed by the US military, who believe it could help their surgeons cope with injuries suffered by soldiers in battle.

Stink bomb gas to give stroke victims new hope | Science | The Observer


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