The name of the game as always is further integration, more data warehousing, and better analysis processes.  This does not mean the over sights on the claims were necessarily related to IT management, but if nothing else they will have more information to review to scrutinize each claim, i.e. have all the back up data available for review in a couple clicks.  BD 

ARMONK IBM has landed a $300 million contract with Health Net, a health maintenance organization that, last month, began paying $41 million in claims and fines for shortchanging 88,000 customers in New Jersey. The contract means Big Blue will provide full information technology infrastructure management, such as data-center services and security management, to Health Net, one of the nation's largest publicly traded managed-care companies. As part of the deal, ATT will provide network, voice and data management services.

IBM's $300M deal with HMO_Zº_°jZ¢


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