When reflux is the problem, you can have surgery to fix it.  Reflux without the acid.  Non acid reflux is the official name. 

Now there is a new device that can detect reflux when there is no acid present.  A patient would wear the device to monitor and record the number of reflux events let's say in  24 hour period to determine if reflux is in fact the issue that lead to complications with asthma, chronic coughs, and other issues.  Nice to be able to wear the device for a prescribed amount of time to find the issue.  Chronic cough in a study lead to reflux being the cause in 26% of those studied, so perhaps the big battle might be just reflux without the acid for many.  BD    

imageCHARLESTON, S.C. - When you think about acid reflux disease, heartburn and regurgitation likely come to mind. imageIt's a disease that doctors can diagnose and usually treat effectively, but now, there's another kind of reflux disease popping up and there's been no way to diagnose it ... until now.

"It's a phenomenon that's occurred because of all the drugs that are out there now that control acid so well," said Castell. "They'll stop the acid, but they don't stop the reflux." 

NewsChannel 5.com - Nashville, Tennessee - New Reflux Disease


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