Well last week, CES was not the only show in in town in Las Vegas.  You can read below for the details, but at a dollar a minute, one is going to have to pay to connect to the online video, and $150.00 for the device.  imageToday we are all wanting to synchronize all our documents, pictures, etc. but this appears to go on step further in the world of synch. 

The units go on sale next month, so I guess this is one for the books on “safe sex” from another point of view.  BD 

Virtual sex is coming. While nearby porn stars autographed action photos and flashed their assets for camera-clutching fans at the annual Adult Entertainment Expo, Brett Drysdale discretely demonstrated "the newest breakthrough in sex technology."

RealTouch devices connect to computers with USB cables and synchronize with adult movies streamed online so the inner workings replicate what a fellow might be feeling were he to be the man in the film.

"You watch the action on a screen and a signal is sent to the box to simulate what is happening," Drysdale said.

The device works with video from an online RealTouch "theater" at a price of one dollar per minute. RealTouch is priced at  $150 dollars and begins selling in the US in February.

Virtual sex is coming soon


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