Headaches is certainly one area that is getting a lot of attention as well as delivery methods for drugs and NuPathe is expecting to hopefully get approval sometime next year as the trials for the patch are doing well.  There’s also a non drug system in the works to “zap” your headaches too.image

Electronic device zaps migraine pain

The FDA is asking for additional trials to be completed before final approval to confirm the results so you could also inhale your medication. 

More Inhaled Drugs on the Way – Levadex for Migraines Met Trial Goals

Next year looks like it could be a year of choices for those who suffer.  BD

CHICAGO (Reuters) – NuPathe Inc's skin patch eased migraine symptoms in a late-stage study, offering a potential new way to treat migraine without taking pills, the specialty drugmaker said on Tuesday.

The privately held company's patch, known as Zelrix, delivers the powerful migraine drug sumatriptan, the same chemical ingredient in GlaxoSmithKline's Imitrex, through the skin.

It is designed to bring relief to people whose migraines are accompanied by nausea, which occurs in some 55 percent of migraine sufferers.


Conshohocken, Pennsylvania-based NuPathe said in a statement that the patch showed a "statistically significant" improvement after two hours in pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound compared to people who used a placebo.

NuPathe migraine patch works in late-stage study - Yahoo! News

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