The product was made in China and when tested contained too much lead, so you may love this bear but it may not love you back.  The area in question is the lead imagein the OXO belt the bear is wearing, so if you see any on the shelf, you are warned.  Target said they are also investigating.  Products usually are made to specifications but we don’t really know if those get altered at the factory maybe without physically being there if they originated here.  BD 

Target Corp. has recalled two Valentine’s Day teddy bears after California Attorney General Jerry Brown sent the company a letter saying the toys contained far more lead than allowed under federal law.

The toys are stuffed “Message Bears” that hold inflated vinyl letters. The pink bear has ”XOXO” written across its chest; the other is a brown bear with “I Love U” (with “love” in the shape of a heart) on its chest. It’s the vinyl that tested for high levels of lead.

The AG’s office was notified about the toys by the Center for Environmental Health, a nonprofit watchdog group. According to the center’s report, an investigator bought Messsage Bears at Targets in four Northern California cities and had them tested. The red vinyl “X” in the pink bear and the red vinyl heart in the brown bear showed high lead levels. In a follow-up test, the pink bear was found to have 2,690 parts per million in the red vinyl, nearly 10 times higher than levels allowed under federal law, the report said.

The report said the bears were made in China and sold exclusively by Target.

Target pulls teddy bears over lead concerns - Healthy Living : The Orange County Register


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