This could get interesting, doctor walks into the room and needs to access patient records, but patient is in the middle of a high powered game and now that it is over the web, he/she won’t quit.  Will the doctor have to wait (grin).  Cost as mentioned is a big reason for thinking about this and as more is run from the server instead of being on the desktop, who knows.  As you can read below there is testing going on to use the devices as emergency alert systems.  The way the world is evolving today and looking at cost we just can’t afford one device just doing one thing can we? (grin).  BD

Xbox 360 Kiosks Headed to Children's Hospitals Across the United States....

We’ve already heard about some less-than-typical use cases for the Xbox 360 when New York state announced they would test the units for use as emergency alert systems. Now, here comes another bold idea: Xbox as a tool to feed medical records to in-room displays. Microsoft Researchers are looking into the devices’ potential for use in this area, with senior researcher Desney Tan leading the way. 

The gaming machines could be used by patients for entertainment purposes (as they already are sometimes today), but they could also be used in lieu of PCs when doctors needed to access the medical records of the patient. Imagine: the doctor walks in the room and pulls up a patient’s scans using the Xbox 360! The benefit to using the Xbox instead of a PC is primarily cost – at $199 per unit, the machine is cheaper than a netbook and definitely cheaper than a standard PC such those used in hospitals and doctors offices today

Using Xbox 360s in Hospitals | Sarah In Tampa | Channel 10


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