For years I have relied just as a consumer on looking up medications through my mobile device and have shown it to countless physicians and now the company is imagegraduating up to it’s own offering.  If you look on the blog, I have always had their free drug look up for anyone who wants to use it on the blog.

By having Epocrates free on my cell phone I have been able to have much more intelligent discussions with my doctors about prescriptions as I can immediately look up and see if they are covered by the formulary.  Epocrates is also connected with Google Health.  BD



Solo physicians and small practices will soon have a new low-cost electronic health records (EHR) solution option available to them from a brand they may know very well: Epocrates. The popular point-of-care mobile application provider will soon launch its own “mobile and Web-based” EHR (notice they put “mobile” first.)image

“This was a logical next step for Epocrates,” Rose Crane, CEO of Epocrates stated in a press release. “Our understanding of how physicians work and what they need at the point of care is the foundation of our success. We owe it to our loyal physician subscribers to create an EHR solution that will work smoothly within their practices and allow them to continue caring for patients.”

HIMSS: Epocrates to offer its own mobile EHR | mobihealthnews


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