This is amazing as eight human hearts have become viable organs using patient stem cells and by the end of the year they hope to install a heart from a donor with regenerated cells.  Spain is also a leader in organ donation transplantation imagetechnologies.  Organs that could not otherwise be used now could be as if the organ was from a person who died of cardiac arrest, well it wouldn’t work with a straight transplant; however with stem cells they could be drained from the organ and a new one grown.  Amazing stuff! 

The lab collaborated with The University of Minnesota with their experimentation on mice.  The freshly "grown" organs are inert and "have no immune response capability as only 5% of the DNA is used from the donor organ.  The article also goes on to state that organs could be grown from those of animals. too.  I am guessing with the success of a “bank” of organs in the future, if a patient needed a transplant there would be one potentially standing by.  They say the technology is about five to ten years away.  BD 

Spain, a world leader in human organ transplants, is now also a pioneer in the creation of bioartificial organs with stem cells implanted into patients after the opening on Tuesday in Madrid of the first laboratory in the world dedicated to the growth of artificial organs for human transplant.
The laboratory will "empty" human hearts or other human organs unsuitable for transplantation and recolonize their cell content with the patient's stem cells, allowing the organs to grow anew, ready for transplant back into the new body, said its developer, Dr. Francisco Fernández Avilés, head of the Gregorio Maranon hospital cardiology wing, where the center is based.
The lab, opened this Tuesday, is the "world's first laboratory for bioartificial organs to produce adult stem cell transplants," said the Minister of Science and Innovation, Cristina Garmendia. The creation of artificial organs is a "third way" that is added to human organ transplantation and implantation of artificial organs, said Rafael Matesanz, director of the National Transplant Organization (ONT).

The aim of the laboratory is "to create a parent bank, in which organs can be stored for months, on which new bodies can be built to suit individual patients. " The bodies or "matrixes" which are emptied cannot be directly used for transplants because the deceased donor "either died from a cardiac arrest or old age" according Matesanz and this is a way of using organs that would otherwise not be used.

Spain opens worlds first organ growing laboratory for human transplants


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