I think this is one that should have support and would pass as it has been passed before but the scientists want it done before other issues begin to cloud the water as there’s no Bush veto waiting around this time.  If the judge has determined a law imageis needed, then make one here as the rest of the world is not stopping and waiting and lives need to be saved. 

In a letter sent Friday to the leadership of the House of Representatives and the Senate, the deans of American medical schools, chief executives of U.S. hospitals and heads of organizations with names like the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the American Society of Human Genetics said that federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research “is essential” if scientists are to succeed in turning the cells into usable treatments.
“The therapeutic potential of human embryonic stem cells is remarkable and could well prove to be one of the most significant paradigm-shifting advances in the history of medical science,” they wrote. “These cells have the unique potential to differentiate into any human cell type and offer real hope of life-affirming treatments for diabetes, damaged heart tissue, arthritis, Parkinson's, ALS and spinal cord injuries, to name but a few examples.”

Scientists to Congress: Pass the stem cell law ... while you still can - latimes.com


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