We all know this has increased and yes there are reasons for concern...advertising definitely has an influence from Big Pharma...many studies in this area but the question appears to be either take a pill or search out counseling or psychiatric care...and then we have articles like this that state" depressed woman have more sex"...well for goodness sakes who wants to cure this group...image (grin)......BD  

Two articles in the March issue of the European Journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics raise serious concern about the increasing use of antidepressant medications. In the first article, David Healy and collaborators (University of Cardiff) formulate a critique of many studies which try to support the use of antidepressants on the basis of variations in suicide rates. The rate of antidepressant drug treatment increased more than four times between early 1990s and early 2000s. The trend was similar across sociodemographic groups. Younger adults, men and racial/ethnic minorities continued to receive antidepressant treatment at a lower rate compared to middle-aged adults, women and non-Hispanic whites, respectively.

The Increasing Use Of Antidepressants: Some Reasons For Concern



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