The NIH budget does not appear to be handing out as many grants for medical research according to the article...and they are getting harder to attain...BD 

Dr. Jill Rafael-Fortney is hopeful she's discovered a medication that has enormous potential to fight disease, but for the moment that medication sits in a freezer in her laboratory with nowhere to go. image

"It's possible that in five years, we've found a drug that can stop heart failure," said Rafael-Fortney, Ph.D., an associate professor of molecular and cellular biochemistry at Ohio State University. But until Rafael-Fortney gets renewed funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to do more legwork, the heart medication will have to wait."They are confronted with a reality that diminishes many of their hopes and dreams," Harvard University President Drew Faust told a Senate panel on Monday. "Where will we be in ten years if we discourage a generation of trailblazers?""My biggest concern is what this is doing to researchers in general. We're losing a lot of people who are training along beside me."

ABC News: Medical Progress Slowed?


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