Watch the video release here.....if you have followed EMR/EHR companies over the years we all know that Misys has grown by purchasing other companies and merging technologies...they both talk about connecting with Google and the Microsoft Health Vault...Misys customers will have a choice with new Allscripts items available...question is how long will both be able to function before consolidation of technologies takes place...big merger...but Misys has been here many times before...more market share for the fragmented healthcare system...more to the cloud and to the web...BD 

The complex deal under which Misys Healthcare is acquiring 54% of Allscripts, which Allscripts executives will run, is all about Software as a Service, or Saas. With SaaS, the software you use is hosted on a remote server, and you access it through a Web browser, with your data saved remotely as well.image

The combined companies will target doctors’ offices with a SaaS product and starts with one-third of the U.S. market. SaaS is a new acronym for what was called the ASP market a decade ago.

Doctors' decisions control 80% of the cost of health care. Hospitals have started to fund the purchase of technology for physicians. Hospital boards are finding that if physicians operate electronically, hospitals can be more efficient.

Misys-Allscripts deal is all about SaaS | ZDNet Healthcare |


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