A health care paradigm....is Moore's law alive and well with medical technology...last year his wife was also the target of medical errors in the hospital...which lead to their contribution to UC Davis for better nursing education....BD 

Ken Moore, the couple’s son, said the donation grew out of his mother’s own poor care during a hospital stay. A nurse gave her a shot of insulin that was supposed to go to the patient in the next bed.  “They nearly had two deaths out of one medical error. That was the start of her really being interested in nursing care,” Ken Moore said.

The point is that this blending of disciplines, along with the introduction of unlimited computing power, has created a Moore’s Law effect in science generally. It is most obvious today in basic science, but science in time becomes engineering, engineering becomes drugs and devices, and these become cures.

In the world of medical research the chief contribution of this decade has been breaching the wall between organic and inorganic chemistry.

Computing has made this possible. It can take a vast amount of computing power to create an enzyme from scratch. Thanks to distributed computing and the Internet, we have it.

A Moore’s Law for medical breakthroughs | ZDNet Healthcare | ZDNet.com


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