As budget cuts continue across the US and states, so do the levels of contributions, this story in particular relates to the Red Cross in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  Where will the resources be that we have always counted on without funding?  BD  

The funding cuts from United Way completely eliminate funding for job imagetraining for the economically disadvantaged through the Red Cross' Nurse Assistant Training program, placing at risk thousands of elderly citizens who rely on well-trained Red Cross nurse assistants to provide them with care at a vulnerable time in their lives. The cuts threaten the strength -- if not the survival -- of all of the Red Cross' other essential programs, such as CPR, AED, First Aid and Water Safety and Learn to Swim programs that teach citizens vital lifesaving skills. In short, this action by United Way puts the Red Cross mission and our community at risk. "When we received the initial correspondence from United Way regarding changes in funding, we knew we would be receiving a reduction over current and past year totals," said Mary-Alice Frank, CEO. "However, the actual funding allocation is dramatically less than what we had anticipated -- and more devastating than the prior proposed cuts which already threatened our essential programs. "As we all are acutely aware, the Greater Cleveland community is in an economic crisis," continued Frank. "As funding for the Red Cross decreases, the needs of families in our community continue to increase. If we question the timing and the scope of cuts to social service agencies across the community, it is only because we know first hand that families here have never needed the help more than they do today.

American Red Cross Responds To United Way Funding Cuts


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