I can easily think of many places on these little items could come in handy, like the waiting room at your physician’s office when you have been patiently waiting for over an imagehour and just need some relief, although the noise of breaking plates could be one issue that might be annoying to others; however, this would sure be a lot more fun that watching all those info-commercials on the screens we see everywhere.  BD 

Proving that money can indeed buy happiness, artist Yarisa Kublitz's Passive Aggressive Anger Release Machine vends various fine china into a fine powder. We're confident there's a reason destroying a porcelain kitty costs $.25 more than a plain white vase, but we'll leave speculation on the deeper meanings of smashy time as an exercise for the reader..

Passive Aggressive Anger Release Machine smashes fine china, doesn't give your quarter back - Engadget


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