I have posted about this technology here on the blog before and also this post. 

For someone with devastating Parkinson's, this could be finally something to offer relief.   They are trying it for weight loss, but I don't know on that one, having a device in the brain to help that process work, only my feelings here.  Neuromodulation is the term used relative to medical device implants for the brain.  Intractable epilepsy and intractable depression are 2 problems the device can be used to treat, although this is massive intrusive surgery and a step to really think about.  The device lives in your neck. 



Nice story here on how the technology is helping bring his banjo playing ability back.  Watch the video at the site for more information and a demonstration of how it works with and without the device to see the difference.  The device is controlled with a remote wireless device to turn it off and on.  BD

Eddie Adcock's fast picking and unconventional style made him world famous as a bluegrass banjo innovator. But when tremors took over his once dexterous hands, he lost the ability to play the music he loved. An operation rid Eddie Adcock of his tremors and reignited banjo passion. Now, thanks to an incredible brain surgery, during which Adcock was awake and playing the banjo until the doctors got it just right, he can turn his talent back on, literally at the push of a button.

ABC News: Surgery Fine-Tunes Legendary Banjo Player's Brain


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