AT&T has already been on this bandwagon, but now there’s a subscription through Verizon to use the software as well.  This is web based software designed for the caregivers traveling to visit patients in their homes, complete with a dispatch system to coordinate for larger organizations.  Will the caregivers know how to use it and is there adequate training here?  Just a question pondering around in my mind.  BD 

With the growth in the home health care industry, Verizon Wireless says it is offering OnCare by Xora, an industry vertical solution for its imageField Force Manager application that helps address the specific needs of mobile health care workers and helps companies become more productive and efficient.

Designed specifically for use by home caregivers who travel from appointment to appointment, OnCare by Xora enables companies to track only the data they need and gives caregivers select features that apply directly to their work. For example, administrators can securely and efficiently dispatch, track and communicate with mobile caregivers, helping the organization run on time and on budget.

Home Health Care Mobile Application from Verizon |


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