First off I want to say thank you for the plug here and he might be right, I see all others talking about personal health records but I have not seen other bloggers and others putting a link on their site to make it easy to find Google Health or HealthVault, after all if you read about something and you want to enter the world of being a “participant” you don’t want to have to go looking for the sites so maybe some other bloggers might add the links to their sites too.

Last year I spoke with Steve Shihadeh, VP of Microsoft Health Solutions and we talked about HealthVault a bit and he shared with me that a friend or member of the family wasn’t sure why they needed a PHR. 

Steve Shihadeh, VP Microsoft Health Solutions Group – The Amalga Software Solution for Aggregating Hospital Information (Interview)

Here’s a short note about the project at Scripps and it involves information about genomics and analysis for generic risks.  This could very well be a trend here.

“Co-sponsors of the study include Navigenics Inc. of Redwood Shores, Calif.; Affymetrix of Santa Clara, Calif.; and Microsoft Corp. of Redmond, Wash. Study participants age 18 and older can receive a scan of their genome and a detailed analysis of their genetic risk for more than 20 health conditions that may be changed by lifestyle, including diabetes, obesity, heart attack and some forms of cancer.”

“HealthVault is working together with Scripps and Navigenics on a project that allows individuals to sign up for the pilot program and have their entire human genome sequenced. The results of the 20 year study will all be contained in HealthVault, and every participant in the program now has a HealthVault account established as part of the process.”

Well it just so happens that the same individual enrolled in a clinical trial at Scripps in San Diego and guess what, they now have a HealthVault PHR as the trial uses HealthVault to store all the information, so this goes right along here with what Dan is saying in his video, get one.  Some of the information from the trial can be shared with your doctor and vice versa.  As he states, why waste any lab results and tests that were done in the process of the trial, makes good sense to me.


Also, don’t forget to look at TrialX because if you have done your homework and put all your data together, drill down and get the trials that you are qualified for and save time in finding them.   The site has a link for TrialX right on the widget and I also have an entire section of over 300 posts with many details and “how to’s” relative to using both HealthVault and Google Health which are free.  You can also use the 2nd search box and find them specifically by looking by keyword, i.e. Quest, Labcorp and the related articles will appear almost instantly.  In many of the posts I go through step by step with images on how to get everything connected so it auto populates without you having to manually enter all the data.  This is a good way to also check for any errors too as some information could have been entered erroneously with years of data brought together here. 


Last year speaking of Quest I interviewed Rohit Nayak from MedPlus/Quest Labs and you can read more at the link below as we talked about Quest Diagnostics labs imageand the PHR connections to both Google Health and HealthVault.  BD 

Quest Diagnostics and Health IT – Interview with Rohit Nayak, Vice President of Sales, Clinical Information Solutions Group, MedPlus

One other short item worth mentioning here is that I also have a widget that shows recent Clinical trial information while you are at the Medical Quack and it is located right under the image/links to HealthVault and Google Health.  You can find more videos at Dan’s blog about helpful clinical trial information here. 


There’s also one other “free” PHR that comes to mind that I have posted about on the Medical Quack and that is Patient Ally from Office Ally so there’s one other alternative to check out as well.  I did a walk through and they also aggregate your data and if you are a member of an IPA or HMO you could be hearing about it via the organization too, thus I thought I should include here as they are working with Blue Shield with a contract on PHRs.  BD

“For more information on Personal Health Records, I would check a good blog called The Medical Quack. So far its the only blog I know with links to GHealth and Hvault where you can store your Personal Health Records. Check it out!”

Keeping Your Personal Health Records From A Clinical Trial, Or To Get In a Clinical Trial « The Clinical Trials Guru



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