There’s some real word of wisdom here and it comes around to what I talk about with healthcare.  I included a few of the comments and statements made below and be aware of the one below referencing doctors and scientists for sure.  When you imagethink about what the doctor is doing, especially with medical records, they are looking for change, which is what an electronic medical record system allows at a much faster pace than relying on either memory and/or notes make on paper because it it organized.  That doesn’t mean memory is going away because it too can be a factor, but replacing the paper with information that is in a format that is much easier to use is something we all benefit from, patient and doctor. 

He makes a good statement below too about understanding what “we are doing” rather than “what we think we are doing”, a very loaded statement but human perception sometimes can be tricky and we all deal with that, self included and when we look at perhaps how another individual views us, well we end up sometimes with a completely different picture which could be true or false and we kind of sit around and try to figure it out.  Sometimes it is helpful as what we think we are doing is not anything at all relative to what we are doing, so an opinion, good or bad, does make us think, which is hopefully a good thing and opens up the door to look at our own paradigms. 

I like in particular the comment too about pilots as they know they need lift so the jet imagewill fly and the rate is what they work with and not the fact of questioning whether they need lift or not, that part is a given. If today, in summary if we are not concerned with the “rate of change” with technology in healthcare throwing us a new left curve every day, we are missing some boats out there. 

This is in part why the word “algorithms” captures center stage here as I am trying to bring this awareness into layman’s terms as best I can.  When repeal of healthcare reform was brought up, the drug store chain Walgreens CEO and CFO spoke out immediately, 2 days afterwards. 

Walgreens CEO And CFO First to Speak Out -Repeal of Healthcare Law Would Wreck Their Business Models (aka their Algorithms)

A literal translation might be to this effect:  We can’t keep spending time and money to adjust the algorithmic data formulas on everyone’s whim, this stuff takes a lot of thought, projections and planning, so these politicians might want to consider what they are promising and get some intelligence of their own going before taking some of the stands we see today.  If we listen, they are right up front making this fact known a everything today has a process and computers and algorithmic and mathematical formulas are making decisions like or not, it is what it is.  Sure there will be some that object to this as there’s tons of money made with bringing new algorithms and systems and that’s why the cost has skyrocketed today, so they may not like this idea as it could eat up some of their profits. 

Talk of Repealing Healthcare Law–How About the Expense of the IT Infrastructure Algorithm Resets And Costs That Would Be Required?

We are beyond the days of technical specialists being able to quick put together the technology required to fulfill promises today and the sooner the folks come out of the 70s and and embrace this reality, the sooner we will see real progress.

Congress and other leaders, get those Algo Men on board to help you out and I think they will be glad they did in the long run.   The statement on Entrepreneurs too has some value, as they don’t’ care about the knowledge itself but rather the rate of change and sometimes this leads to other issues with a lack of collaboration when the focus on the rate is not balanced with working together and thus we may get a little bit too fragmented and lose some direction.  The Entrepreneurs can live on innovation alone, but healthcare can’t.  BD 

Innovation Without Collaboration Is Fouling Up The US Healthcare IT System–We Need Both As We Can’t Stand on Innovation Alone

  1. “The Stock Market does not care about risk, it cares about the rate of change of risk
  2. The Politician does not care about votes, they care about the rate of change in votes
  3. The Meteorologist does not care about weather, she cares about the rate of change in weather
  4. The Pilot does not care about lift, they care about the rate of change of lift
  5. The Gymnast does not care about motion, she cares about the rate of change of motion
  6. The Doctor does not care about your health, she cares about the rate of change in your health
  7. The Farmer does not care about crops, he cares about the rate of change of crops
  8. The Scientists does not care about data, they care about the rate of change of data
  9. Google does not care about information, it cares about the rate of change of information
  10. Entrepreneurs do not care about knowledge, they care about the rate of change of knowledge
  11. Markets do not care about innovation, they care about the rate of change of innovation
  12. Our children do not care about our wisdom, they care about our rate of change of wisdom

I am continuously astonished at the reactions I get from people every time I make a reference to mathematics, especially Calculus. Most people politely glaze their eyes over and stare at an inanimate object somewhere behind my head. Others launch into a diatribe of how the linear thinkers destroyed the world in the first place. Others will simply say, “I have [insert Deficit Dysfunction Disorder here]“

When people can learn how to understand what they are really doing in instead of what they think they are doing, then and only then, will we be able to see, and subsequently, build the next economic paradigm.  That is why I use mathematics and that is when Social Media Becomes a Science


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