This technology is going to be everywhere and this is nice that we have students using cell phones to scan for valued information here too.  It enhances the program imageand gives the students instant information, like what I have been advocating for FDA Recalls and have a bunch deaf ears in that department. 

This is a pretty basic concept, see the tags and scan and get instant information as shown on the playground picture.  It also engages and that’s the huge missing link with mobile health IT and everyone keeps missing that boat as I don’t they have realized this this is ok and it is cool.  Sometimes things like that take time, just tablets did but the luddites when they see value eventually wake up.  This is cool as with a heat map they can see how many are using the technology too.  Here’s some additional information from a prior post and if you like this idea of being able to find FDA recalls too, give it a yes on my poll.  The yes’s are way ahead here so we have value demonstrated by the poll. 

Microsoft Tag Bar Codes–Who’s Been Scanning the Medical Quack–The Bing Heat Map Tells All And Could Help Find Stolen or Expired Drugs and Devices With This Methodology

Ok remember a while back where I said stolen drugs could be located with imageTags, well here we have a suggestion or an idea, a heat map from Bing.  The products could be tagged by “lot” number and/or products.  Obviously on a large scale we are looking at one grand “cloud” operation here.  Device and drug companies could have their own maps and of course with a synchronized FDA data base and perhaps one at the DEA some of those stolen articles could be found when someone goes to scan a product?  In case you have missed some of this click on the “bar code campaign” image and see a summary imageof what ideas I have been cooking up to even include the White House using them.  The link is always at the top of the blog for reference any time.

So I decided to look and see if anyone has been scanning my tags and I mapped them.  You need to have over 20 scans to show up and I was impressed I have over the number needed which means folks have been scanning the tags on this blog!  The purple dots are the cell phone scans. 

Recalls, children's products and playgrounds all seem to come together, you think?  BD


BALTIMORE, MD--(Marketwire - November 4, 2010) -  Playworld Systems, a leading manufacturer of imaginative playground equipment, today announced it is showcasing its ENERGITotal Body Fitness System with Microsoft Tag technology at NMSA2010, the NMSA 37th Annual Conference and Exhibit in Baltimore. Conference attendees will also be able to see ENERGI in action during the NMSA-sponsored school visit to Severna Park Middle School on November 4 from 9:00 a.m. to noon.


With only one moving part, Playworld Systems' ENERGI delivers a guided, fat-burning workout with 120 progressively challenging exercises that use body weight resistance to target nearly all 600 of the body's muscles. The system is supported with a complete curriculum and easy-to-follow lesson plans to help teachers integrate ENERGI into the school day. ENERGI's five stations feature instructional graphics that have been tested to assure immediate comprehension. At a price point of approximately $15,000, ENERGI offers schools a unique fitness system at maximum value.

"We're impressed by this innovative use of Microsoft Tag technology as a tool to enhance the ENERGI fitness system and guide teachers and students through their fitness routines," said Bill McQuain, director of Tag Product Management at Microsoft Corp. "With the scan of Tag as part of ENERGI, schools will be able to offer a rich, interactive experience that enhances their fitness programs."

NMSA conference attendees can experience the new innovation at Playworld Systems' booths (#616 and 614). After downloading the free Tag Reader app, users scan the Tags with their smartphone to unlock exclusive videos showing the ENERGI fitness system in action.

Playworld Systems' ENERGI(TM) Total Body Fitness System Helps Schools Target Nationwide Childhood Obesity Epidemic


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