No wonder Intel bought them, saw some value here for sure.  It just seems like the hacking never ends but what was found here has more vital interest to national security issues and company secrets exposed and it appears to have all been from one source which the McAfee can’t reveal for obvious reasons.  Anyway, with all the security breaches we have in healthcare, good video to watch and perhaps now security in Health IT will perhaps gain a bigger focus as well as those expensive and over valued social network algorithms too. 

In another article in Bloomberg this morning, feast your eyes on this little artifact and see that just in the first quarter of this year how was spent on social media start up companies and ask yourself about the lack of balance in the US and where we place values today. Sure I like social networks and use them but they too have had tons of security issues as well and seem to be lacking in their security efforts and research before putting some of what we see out there on the web today. 

Private equity and venture capital funds poured a combined $2.52 billion into social media startups during the first quarter of 2011, according to the SMI Social Media Funding Guide. has a $100 million fund for iPhone software startups. Yet not a single major venture capital fund has been launched to invest primarily in companies serving the poor.”

How do they hack so efficiently?  Its all in those algorithms.  This is an excellent post I made below that takes time out to explain the role of algorithms today and worth the read and I’ll add the video included here below as well, it’s important as when hackers start writing the unreadable we are up a creek.  This is also why we see the huge failure of lawmakers today too as they don’t carry enough digital literacy today to be informed enough on how to use such technologies to make laws for the positive side and regulation…it’s all over the news and I hope they wake up soon.  You can’t make laws on issues you have no real knowledge of.  BD

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