PaperPort has been around a long time and if you don’t find a full medical records system in place in practice today, there’s a good chance that PaperPort is at least around for document management.  There’s even a small “free” account that allows for document storage in the cloud.  The web service is similar to other services such as Drop Box and Sky Drive and you can synch with the desktop.  They also have software that works with smartphones and Ipads. 


You can also still purchase the desktop version of PaperPort as well.   In addition Nuance also has a cloud connector service to where you can have a PaperPort folder so you can scan right to the cloud as well.  BD  

If you own a scanner, chances are you are using Nuance's Windows-based PaperPort software, the tool that has been bundled with scanners for more than 20 years. Today the company introduced version 14 of the venerable utility, a new iOS app and a cloud-based scanning solution called PaperPort Anywhere.

What is interesting is how Nuance has taken a piece of desktop PC software that has been around so long and incorporated these more modern innovations, to make a powerful way to leverage how we work between cloud and desktop programs and enable users to more closely tie in cloud storage with their desktop files.

Nuance Introduces PaperPort Anywhere - ReadWriteCloud


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