Last month several Genomics companies received warning letters from the State of California and were told they needed to be licensed.  23andMe, which is an offshoot of Google may have a potential solution on the dilemma of the licensing issue with working with LabCorp,  one of the largest labs in the US. 

Until issues are resolved, you can perhaps explore genomics in Second Life until then.  You can also read more here about the National Genetics Institute, a subsidiary of LabCorp. LabCorp already has a pretty large stake invested in the genomics business.  BD

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) - Although 23andMe is keeping mum on which contract laboratory it is using to conduct its DTC genomic testing services, GenomeWeb Daily News has learned that Laboratory Corporation of America is providing the necessary genotyping services for the personal genomics company. “I can confirm that we are doing lab work for 23andMe,” Eric Lindblom, LabCorp’s senior vice president for investor and media relations, told GWDN.

Lindblom also noted that LabCorp is CLIA licensed in California and New York, the two states that recently warned 23andMe, along with several other personal genomics firms, to stop marketing genetic tests directly to consumers. One of the reasons cited by regulators was that the consumer genomics firms were not licensed in these states to provide laboratory services.

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  1. This is very interesting. LabCorp sucks! My personal frustration with them has led me to create a website called Their employees are out of control and it seems that this is a result of their mid-level managers. There is nothing worse than managers that have two eyes but do not see what is happening right in front of them. We will be recording complaints and filing them with the appropriate government regulators and investigatory agencies. Maybe then they will get it.

    Now as to Google. The website started moving up in the google rankings. All of a sudden, as of 2 weeks or so ago, LabCorp employees started posting in defense of the company, and vanished to the last pages of the search results. I can not believe that google would do that, but it is a possibility. I would not put it past LabCorp managers to use their influence to accomplish this.


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