In the US, Clinical Trials are still being conducted, more information available here.  So now we have a device that has a mind of it’s own, well sort imageof.  Biotronik is located in Europe and now with the home monitoring features, the devices will alert your physician, and again, earlier notification will hopefully save a few lives.  The home monitoring system also works with devices that are not implanted as well manufactured by Biotronik. 


I have one question, does anyone want to be a cardiologist on call with a fairly large base of patients?  I’m not sure who’s the most connected here, the doctor or the patient.  I guess we will begin to start learning to live with these devices as they are getting to be smarter than we are and I wonder if there are any false alarms?  Well I would say you could not be faking this one.  On more device in the world of implants soon coming our way.  BD 

Biotronik has announced the global launch of the new Biotronik Home Monitoring. With its intelligent traffic light system, Biotronik Home Monitoring provides efficient and convenient remote monitoring of patients with implantable cardiac devices. It is proven to ensure patient safety through earlier detection of serious arrhythmic events with the potential to significantly reduce the number of clinic follow-up visits.

imageThe new Biotronik Home Monitoring system is based on more than eight years of experience in remote monitoring technology and extensive research among both physicians and patients. Biotronik Home Monitoring is available across the entire product portfolio of pacemakers, ICDs and cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) devices allowing physicians to remotely monitor their patients’ clinical and device status at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Biotronik Home Monitoring generates an alert notification via email, SMS or fax to the physician. Biotronik Home Monitoring has been shown to enable physicians to identify patients who require attention earlier.1,2 The unique CardioMessenger, patient device, gives patients freedom to be completely mobile while wirelessly transmitting important clinical and device status information to the Biotronik Home Monitoring secure website for physician evaluation.

Global Launch of the new Biotronik Home Monitoring |


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