Well the cherry picking continues and yet health insurance has reached a new low, this time if you have had surgery to change your gender, at least in Michigan it appears you are out of luck for health insurance.   How does this fit into the suggested “existing imageconditions” possibilities?  Just a question I had rambling around in my head. 

On the other hand though, there’s plenty of Blue Cross venture capital money to invest in risk management venture capital companies, such as the Phreesia tablets, so you can fill out your information in the doctor’s office electronically and in the meantime patients with cancer still can’t afford their treatments and medications, even with insurance.  Blue Cross of Michigan is part of their Venture Capital Organization which I am guessing means they have contributed some dollars to help fund this type of risk management venture?  BD 

The following Plans are part of the Venture Capital Organization:

• BlueCross BlueShield of Delaware (DE)
• BlueCross BlueShield of Hawaii (HI)
• Blue Cross of Idaho (ID)
• BlueCross BlueShield of Massachusetts (MA)
• BlueCross BlueShield of Michigan (MI)
• Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania (PA)

• Capital Blue Cross (PA)
• CareFirst (MD, VA, DC)
• Health Care Service Corporation
(IL, TX, OK, NM)
• HealthNow (NY)

• Independence Blue Cross (PA)

What type of business is health insurance today anyway?  Do they maintain reserves to keep from going insolvent as required by law?  Just one more question that arises after what we have seen with AIG not having any solid reserves and the rest of the story we all know and AIG’s reserve problems were noted in the news starting in 2005.   BD 

This story was forwarded to me by some friends at the Rainbow Law Center in Michigan. It seems that one of the largest HMOs in the country, Blue Cross Blue Shield, will no longer be covering patients who have gender reassignment surgery. BCBS has often been seen as one of the more progressive HMOs, choosing to cover homeopathic remedies, massage therapy and acupuncture, and other non-western or non-traditional treatments as well as cover gender and sexuality specific therapy when other HMOs refused. Many feminist non-profits in my area specifically chose BCBS as their provider for these reasons and I distinctly remember being encouraged to take this option when I worked outside of academe for these reasons as well. So it comes as some shock that this once “progressive” HMO has now taken what appears to be such a transphobic stance.

Michigan Blue Cross Blue Shield No Longer Covering Gender Reassignment « Like a Whisper

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