Once again we return to the software issues, the algorithms, and who thinks these don’t shape the world today.  Good choice with Johnson and Johnson to develop and work on the project.  The device would have 2 working parts, but the tricky part is the human side, in other words to have the functionality of no human intervention, but rather functioning independently and releasing insulin as needed.  image

Not too long ago I did an interview with a company that provides a web based application to share and brainstorm without divulging Intelligent Property called E-Zassi, so who knows, this may be one of the tools Johnson and Johnson might use to find their software partner(s).  People like Medtronic uses software as such to find their matches as well.  BD 

E-Zassi Introduces Online US FDA Regulatory Calculator – Medical Device Assessment

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation said it had chosen Johnson & Johnson unit Animas to develop and test the new system.

"This is going to be a research and development first step, toward creating an artificial pancreas," Dr. Henry Anhalt, director of medical affairs for Animas, told Reuters in a telephone interview.


Animas, which makes insulin pumps, will work with the foundation to create a wireless system combining continuous glucose monitoring devices, insulin pumps, and sophisticated software to free diabetics from the chore of constantly checking their blood and giving themselves insulin.

The goal would be a device that can check the blood throughout the day and deliver insulin as needed without the need for the patient or a parent to intervene.  "There is no one algorithm that is currently available that can deal with all contingencies in a patient," said Anholt, a pediatric endocrinologist.

Nonprofit, company team up for 'artificial pancreas' | Reuters


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