We have all read or heard by this time that Mr. Limbaugh’s health is just fine and he was happy with the care he received.  The problem though is that the hospitals in Hawaii are losing money, so we want to make sure this great healthcare is available not only to Rush in the future but to all and this is why reform is needed.

Hospitals in Hawaii Continue to Lose Money – Desperate Hospitals

Hawaii also allows video consultations via American Well for patients who do not need to see a physician in person and this is helping with containing some of the cost.  BD 

Some of the hospitals went bankrupt and are now trying to recover.  Hawaii has been a focus of telemedicine more so perhaps than other states and it also stands to imagerepresent some potential savings.  The report states in the long run for next year, things are not going to get much better with current economic conditions and people losing their health insurance.  

Health care reform found an unlikely champion in bombastic radio talkmeister Rush Limbaugh over the weekend. After suffering from chest pains while vacationing in Hawaii, he was checked into Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu, and upon his release declared himself and the health care system in sound working order.

Of course, it's safe to assume that multimillionaire celebrities probably get pretty good health care no matter where they are, but it's notable that Mr. Limbaugh was in Hawaii, a state that has adopted health care reforms not unlike those President Barack Obama is seeking and are now pending in Congress.

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