So far you are safe as I don’t see any wireless connection here to report back to someone on the amount you sweat, but who knows is that coming next with a chip in the pad to talk to your phone?  It is nice to maybe carry some with you in case you run into some one who is not aware that their pits smell.  The product imageinformation says you need to start out with clean pits first so maybe that’s not an option here. 

Ok so maybe I’m a little bit before my time but what you do bet someone will figure out how to analyze all of this in due time?  I have a hard enough time with band aids but this may appeal to others and maybe we could call these APads (grin).  BD

From the website:

PURAX Pure Pads are self-adhesive pads for the armpit. PURAX Pure Pads protects without hindering at work, leisure or sports - with PURAX Pure Pads you are always protected.

PURAX Pure Pads are designed to prevent unpleasant embarrassing perspiration spots on clothes and have the advantage to prevent odors for a longer period. They keep the armpit clean and dry, absorb bad odor all in a comfortable no-slip way of wearing. The perspiration is immediately retained in the PURAX Pure Pads and will give a well groomed - and above all - safe feeling every day.
PURAX Pure Pads gives you a safe feeling every day.
In order to feel dry, safe and well groomed on any occasion (such as business meetings, sports etc.) - you should use PURAX Pure Pads every day.


The special shape as well as the skin tested materials of Purax contribute to a stability of shape by offering easy-on-skin wearing comfort. The shape and special adhesive ensures no pulling of skin or a loosening from the skin. Freedom of movement is not affected at all.

SALZBURG, Germany, April 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Many people suffer from underarm wetness. Special pads from COSMEA now offer an effective protection. These adhesive pads ensure hygienically dry skin, protect clothing from those unwanted sweat stains, and work against perspiration odor without losing that safe feeling. 

Conventional inserts are usually sewn or glued onto clothing. Purax Pure Pads however, are directly placed onto your skin and meet the highest medical quality standards.

Dry Shirts, Thanks to Stick On Underarm Inserts -- SALZBURG, Germany, April 13 /PRNewswire/ --


  1. It really does help. Thank you from Canada


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