This is one lucky guy alright with a sneeze dislodging the bullet by all means.  He was hit by a stray bullet and others hit were not as lucky as one died.  The bullet imagewent through his temple and behind the eye and then to his nostril where it was stuck until he sneezed.  BD 

An Italian man shot in the head on New Year's Eve has survived completely unharmed after sneezing out the bullet.

Darco Sangermano, 28, was rushed to hospital after being hit by a stray bullet as he celebrated with his girlfriend.

The bullet, a .22 caliber, entered the right side of his head, passed behind his eye through the socket, hit a bone in his nose and lodged itself in his right nostril.

Covered in blood, but still conscious, Sangermano then sneezed out the bullet, and apart from a headache, told doctors he felt fine.

Man Sneezes Out Bullet After Being Shot -


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