Ok so we get everybody in shape and lose weight, is this going affect the knee and hip business if the number of obese people decreases? 

Business is still growing in this area but not like it was before and one manufacturer has gone into the major recall business with some of their implants.

In addition, a reference to jobs was made in saying that when people have money again they may to afford those surgeries once more and now many are putting them off, said Zimmer Holdings.  Johnson and Johnson declined to comment on a recent report of the status of hip and knee business.  Earlier this year, Smith and Nephew received FDA approval for what was referenced as a 30 year knee replacement. 

FDA Gives 510K Clearance for a 30-year Knee Replacement From Smith and Nephew

In addition, some hospitals are trying to offer lump sum fees for knee and hip replacements in southern California.  Will the device business end up having to eventually lower prices too?  I guess we will all eventually find out.  BD

Southern California Hospitals To Begin Offering Lump Sum Fees for Hip and Knee Replacements

Rising rates of obesity as well as sports injuries among active younger adults are trends that remain intact and will drive growth in orthopedic procedures in the longer term, both Dvorak and Illingworth said.

Ortho device rebound tied to jobs, confidence: CEOs | Reuters


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