This is cool and the tag works and sent me to the mobile sit for some event listings and again this is cool and too bad we can’t get the same for drugs and medical devices that have been recalled. 

I’m sure that glucose testing strips might outsell bottles of Skyy, which by the way is a nice vodka, and look at the big FDA mess they put out on recalls.  I said a year ago this was going to become a mess and it gets bigger every day with everyone asleep at the wheel.  Using bar codes for safety is allowed as well as use for advertising, you think?  Can anyone cross that paradigm? 

Abbott Diabetes Care Recalls Tons of Glucose Test Strips–The US Has the FDA Recall Blues-Solution Has Been Touted Here for a Year-It’s Time for a Fix–Readers Have Voted



This Mom who was kind enough to tweet about how the bar code scanning would have been of help to her will just have to be happy with scanning vodka instead which might work for her, but how about all those kid’s medications? 

We can also find out about hamburger meat too, so this answers the question of “where’s the beef”. 

I guess we can all go out and drink until the FDA can get their head around this as well as the drug and device companies too as this shows immediate value for the consumers and will get mobile health in the picture too, the issue everyone keeps scratching their head over.  You want people to participate, then you have to make it easy for the consumer and not become another BP disaster.  BD 

Mobile Barcodes and products work really well together. There are so many potential campaigns that you can run. The best part is your product gets really informative data about your consumer group, through analytics and other creative and strategic executions you plan.

Skyy Vodka | Microsoft Tag Blog


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