Here we go more analytics available.  Lawson has been around for a number of imageyears and services many other industries in additional healthcare and yes they are in the HIE and medical records business too, no shortage of those folks today by all means.  One thing for sure if you are in healthcare today there are usually several different brands and vendors to suit your needs as there’s no shortage of those writing algorithms today.  I remember the old days when someone created software that was really innovative and cool, but today it’s just one more on the list with so much out there. 

There have been recent rumors that Oracle could be in place to make an offer for Lawson and there have been a couple other unsolicited offers as well.  BD 

Lawson Software (Nasdaq:LWSN) today introduced Lawson Analytics for Healthcare, a new analytic solution that will offer healthcare organizations a simple way to connect staffing, clinical and financial information for better decision making. Lawson Analytics for Healthcare is designed to help deliver the benefits of a major business intelligence project at a fraction of the cost and time. It is scheduled to be generally available in May 2011 and will provide timely metrics from across the organization to help healthcare organizations measure, improve and monitor their financial performance. Lawson introduced the new offering during the 2011 Lawson Conference and User Exchange (CUE) that opened today in Boston.


Built by healthcare experts for healthcare organizations, Lawson Analytics for Healthcare helps simplify access to the right information at the right time across an organization. It extracts data from Lawson applications, including supply chain, staffing and financial data, as well as data from non-Lawson systems. This creates a rapid connection within a healthcare organization’s operations allowing staff to stop searching for data and start analyzing it. It also provides greater confidence in business decisions.

Catholic Health East is one of the first Lawson customers to use the Analytics solution. Catholic Health East (CHE) is a multi-institution Catholic health system serving patients from Florida to Maine and employs approximately 54,000 people. The health system used Lawson Analytics for Healthcare to focus on finance and supply chain activities.

Lawson Introduces Lawson Analytics for Healthcare | Press Releases-


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