Here’s the lighter and the silly side of this blogger.  As you can see I have no problem making a complete fool of myself and if one is going to do this, well Aprils fool’s day is the right time to do it. <grin>.

If you have not seen or heard this on the news, Aflac is in fact looking for a new duck so being the “Duck” that I am I felt it was only appropriate to put my beak in place and give it a try.  The contest rules state that you are only allowed to say the word “Aflac” and they welcomed various version and translations (quack) of the word and thus this is what you see, some participatory and foolish quacking.  I welcome any comments here and I’m sure I may get a few on this being outside my normal parameters, but when you have the name sake, it would almost unrealistic not to quack and carry on a bit.  So when the time comes for the Duck to arise to the occasion and quack, well you get the picture.  The CEO of Cisco sits around and quacks with duck callers in his spare time, and Ducks can get the attention when humans sometimes can’t as we saw happen with the President.

Aflac-Medical Quack

Last week, even before the contest was announced I posted the video liked below with the Al Yankovich video song he did about wanting a new duck and perhaps it gave imageAl an idea as I saw a tweet where he suggested a possible license for the song <grin>.  I don’t know if that was a result of this post or not but was kind of timely.  Of course it’s a favorite song at the Medical Quack too.  I also suggested on Twitter that the Aflac Duck might like the search engine DuckDuckGo (that is for real), no duck tracking there.

Aflac Duck Gets Fired -“I Want A New Duck” (Video)

One of my all time favorite reports on ducks is the story imagethat the news in Los Angeles did about a companion duck, and as he says “everyone should have a duck in their life as they might not be so mad at each other”, <grin>.  The truck driver spent money on an expensive dog to hunts ducks and should have just bought the duck, the duck in the truck. 

I had a great time laughing and bringing the old beak out of mothballs for some fun and I guess I will see how my quacking stacks up as there’s a lot of folks who want to be that Aflac duck and at least I have good start with actually being a duck!  You can’t go through life with a name like Duck and not have a sense of humor and tough feathers to boot!  BD 


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