Here we go again with recalls and no system to easily identify and hope nothing gets missed as this is an important recall so say the least with a tablet was more imagepotent than stated.  With Coumadin being a blood thinner we can all figure out what means.  Shall we go back and revisit Dennis Quaid as a reminder?  He made a movie about it too.  The link below will bring more of this to light. 

Dennis Quaid Produces Documentary About Patient Safety - Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm

Again, if a cell phone could be used as a scanner to find the affected bottles, it would certainly help the cause when locating recalled drugs.  BDimage

Microsoft Tags on CBS Early Show – Wake Up FDA, Pharma and Medical Device Companies –Scan Those Drugs, Medical Devices and Synchronize with an FDA Tag Data Base – Recalls, Theft Tracking and More….

So what does a consumer do, talk to your pharmacist….again sad we have technology to solve a lot of this today and nobody’s listening.  BD 

NEW YORK — Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. said Monday it is recalling one production lot of its blood thinner Coumadin after finding a tablet that was too potent.

The company said it tested a returned bottle of Coumadin and found that one tablet was more potent than expected.

An excessive dose of Coumadin, or warfarin, could create an increased risk of bleeding.

Bristol-Myers recalls Coumadin blood thinner - Health -


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