Medical Directors are able to share documents and stay on top of communications, so ideas and information moves faster and one more reason our government needs to get up to par.  Now my next question is what are they doing with these folks, do they use this for call centers to determine our moods when on the phone..curious imageminds just want to know.  BD

Computational Speech Behavior Analysis To Be Presented by Cogito and Cigna at American Telemedicine Annual Meeting–Is This Cigna’s New Tool for Behavioral Analytics

To improve patient health and outcomes while reducing medical costs, insurers and physicians must work together to streamline business processes across organizational boundaries. The challenge is that the business processes which drive the greatest value are currently quite costly and inefficient. They are often people-driven, manually intense and paper- or phone-call based. However, they are also the processes that are most ripe for moving to an online, collaborative environment.

Forward-thinking plans such as CIGNA  recognize that the right technology tools, when used to their full potential, can help them create not only a collaboration platform, but more importantly, a collaborative culture. In doing so, they ensure that information, ideas and skills are shared seamlessly across business units and borders.image

In 2009, CIGNA used their current investment in SharePoint Server, Microsoft’s collaboration platform, to address a unique need inside of their organization. In doing so, CIGNA sparked a three year period in which use of SharePoint expanded throughout the organization, with more than 1400 collaboration projects in place today.

It all started with a proof of concept project to create an internal, online forum to enhance communication and knowledge sharing among a dozen or so geographically-dispersed behavioral health medical directors. In the past, they experienced challenges in working closely together, and traditionally could only do so via phone or email. Microsoft and CIGNA worked together to build the site, which was then tested for 6 months. During the testing phase, the medical directors built their own profiles using “My Site”, which was valuable as a tool to get to know one another better and understand the different areas of expertise among the group. Medical directors posted photos and biographical information on My Site as well.

Now in full production, more than 60 medical directors throughout the organization have access and the site addresses most of the directors’ daily workflow needs. It includes a central announcement section, a discussion forum, and an area for commonly used documents and educational materials.

To get a better sense of how CIGNA is using SharePoint to improve internal collaboration among its medical directors and across the company, I interviewed CIGNA’s Dr. Anil Sipahimalani, a medical director and co-leader of the project.


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