This is one cool project and a way to get immediate information about breast cancer available for women.  You are there at the doctor all alone and nobody wants this diagnosis and you may even want some quiet time so scan the tag and you have some instant access, a very smart move here to have your smartphone with you and get immediate information.

If you read here often enough then you have seen my FDA Recall bar code campaign and there are a couple links in the header for more information as this would finally be one area to give consumers some imageempowerment with immediate information. 

Do you want to read the Medical Quack on your smartphone too?  I got the tag right here and it’s always on the blog at the top upper right hand corner.  It’s a little one but tested and works so you can see how small you can make the bar codes too!  The bar code from the Pink Kick Starter program as the article states plays a video for immediate information.  BD


A charity called the Pink Kick-Starter Project has begun to use Microsoft Tag as part of their campaign to reach out and provide essential information to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.

The Pink Kick-Starter Project understands that in the initial moments of imagethis life-changing diagnosis, a flood of information is thrown at breast cancer patients. The goal of the project is to provide Pink Kick-Starter kits to women who want help making sense of all the information as they begin treatment, with music, an organizer, and a patient resource guide to keep them organized, focused, and empowered.

Scanning the Tag plays a video that provides more info about the project.

Patients are bombarded with pamphlets and fliers, but Tag gives the breast cancer community a green, unique, and individualized way to connect that is more personal. With the help of Tag, the Pink Kick-Starter Project helps women to “pack wisely…even for unknown territory.

Tag and the Pink Kick-Starter Project | Microsoft Tag Blog


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